Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in the realms of information security is no new concept. It has been something that has been used in a defensive capacity for many years. It can perform tasks that humans can’t, spot behaviour patterns, adapt it’s way of detection based on how threats are evolving or based on baseline “normal” data. AI systems can be very sophisticated and perform much faster than a human can. There are obviously flaws, false positives and other considerations to be aware of but in the main these systems are of great significance in the cyber war.

Nation states have been using AI to perform sophisticated and vast attacks on targets for a while too. If the victim isn’t using AI it can be very difficult to detect an APT in the form of AI. These attacks evolve, adapt and work very hard to avoid detection. Nation states have the funds and capacity to invest in AI and as it proves so successful why not.

We are now however seeing AI being used by cyber criminals, it can be purchased or rented via SAAS. It is very powerful and can be used to be the driving force behind malware, spreading infection faster and avoiding detection. It can also be used to craft very personal phishing emails which lead to successful compromises of malware, ransomware or peoples details being stolen. The AI can react and adapt to how they see will work best in the situation towards the target. These attacks will have more chance of duping a victim into clicking a link or downloading an attachment.

The threat landscape is changing and evolving daily and we need to ensure we are ready. If you would like to discuss any of the above or let us help you work on protecting your business please get in touch.

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