January 9, 2017

Awareness Training

Social Engineering Awareness Training

Our Social engineering awareness training is something that we find works well both as a standalone solution and compliments our other solutions perfectly. A lot of clients invite us in to provide half day and full day training to their staff in all aspects of information security awareness training. We also find that as a result of a penetration test or social engineering exercise clients benefit from training for either certain elements of their organisation for example front of house or IT departments or the entire staff base.

Our training can be fully tailored to your businesses needs, if you have a specific concern or you wish our training to focus on your business sector we can do that. Likewise we can also provide a broader ranged training package which includes training suitable for front of house right up to director level. Surprisingly a lot of the things we teach and share examples of are applicable to the full workforce.

Social engineering is a massive threat to businesses small and big alike, the true cost of a successful malicious social engineering attack to a business can be devastating, costing the business it’s reputation, physical and intellectual property and in some cases can be the end of the business. A successful attack from a hacker can have the same consequences, loss of data, encryption of files, denial of service. This can lead to fines, loss of trust and reputation and ultimately end the business.

Our training packages are geared around prevention, we want to make your business not only aware but resilient. We need to make sure that you have covered every base, we can’t make you immune, but we can help you to ensure your business isn’t an easy target. The ideal scenario is someone does try to hack you or social engineer you and finds that actually it would be easier to target a competitor of yours, one where their awareness isn’t up to scratch, one where their chances of success are higher and chances of being caught are lower.

Our awareness training is fully bespoke and we can work with you to devise something you feel suits your business perfectly. Get in touch today to find out more.