CV Dazzle

What is Dazzle?

Well the dazzle technique is nothing new, it was used in World War I to camouflage navy ships from enemies. It isn’t used to hide like you may think with traditional forms of camouflage it is used more to obscure judgement. It made it hard for the opposition to decide on the size of the ship, the direction it was heading and it’s range.

It was made up of complex patterns of geometric shapes in contrasting colours, interrupting and intersecting each other. The idea worked really well and was used to a lesser extent in World War II. It seems counter intuitive to make something stand out that you are trying to avoid being attacked, however the complexity of the pattern made it such that the enemy was mislead or “dazzled”.

CV Dazzle

CV dazzle uses the same principles, to defeat facial recognition software. A lot of people are concerned by privacy and with the advent of facial recognition software privacy is a bigger concern for some now more than ever.

The concept of CV dazzle is to make use of fashion to disguise a persons face making it harder for facial recognition technology to spot and identify an individual. Through creative hair styling and makeup the technique can be used to disguise facial features that are used for detecting an identity through the software.

Facial recognition software looks for certain characteristics in it’s algorithm to identify a person, it looks for the spacing between elements of the face and for symmetry and facial tones.

This technique is designed to block and hide these elements to obstruct the algorithms from detecting the face. It’s creator Adam Harvey @adamhrv has 6 principles that will help you reclaim your privacy.


Reclaim your privacy

Style tips for reclaiming privacy by @adamhrv from

It is an amazing concept that through something as simple as hairstyling and makeup 21st century cutting edge technology can be defeated. To read more about CV Dazzle please visit Adam’s website at below you can see some examples of the styles he discusses.


CV Dazzle - Look 3 and 4

Look number 3 and 4 from CV Dazzle

CV Dazzle - Look 1 and 2

Look number 1 and 2 from CV Dazzle

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