Office Upgrade

We have been hard at it here at Hexode Security Solutions this week. Our office is going through a bit of a revamp. We offer several services to our clients, most of which takes place at our client’s sites. However, we also need a place to work on projects, monitor clients remotely and a space for training.

Open plan

Our office space was very segregated before and we decided we wanted a change, so we have gone for a more open plan layout. We have done all of this work ourselves and are pretty proud of it. We are fairly handy when it comes to DIY anyway and between us, we have a fairly substantial tools collection! Fitting out our new office gave us an excuse to purchase some new tools to boot.

New tools

We are geeks at heart and love everything gadget and tech related but the next thing on the list that excites us is tools. So when the opportunity arose to get some more tools for our arsenal we took it! We found a review site that offered a top 5 cordless combi drill comparison. After weighing up the pro’s and con’s and following their advice we decided on the Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2. We ordered it and it arrived next day, so we put it straight into action assembling furniture, fitting plasterboard and getting the office ready. It was just the ticket, it has now been adopted as the “works drill”.

The big screen

Clevertouch Pro 86"

Another important thing for us with the new layout was the ability to all sit around in the open space and collaborate with a big screen. We are planning to use this for staff training and also for sharing content in meetings. We ploughed through several choices and decided something interactive would also help. We finally decided on the Clevertouch Pro Series 86″! This thing not only has size, its 4K! It’s amazing, but there’s more it even comes with an integrated PC. This offers us the ability to view websites, run presentations, do basic training without the need for a laptop or desktop plugging into the board. This really was without a doubt the board for us!