November 3, 2016

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Word Art

Penetration testing is something that we are very passionate about at Hexode Security Solutions. Some businesses elect to utilise penetration testing as a one off service and others on a monthly or annual basis.

Whatever you decide it’s great news that you understand there is a real need for penetration testing in your business. Whether it is to see where your network and application security is lacking, conform to a standard or for piece of mind you are making the right decision.

What better way to secure yourself than to be hacked by someone one your side? We will point out your weaknesses, where you need to improve, how to improve and provide training to stop this happening again. Our costs are low compared with what a data breach or loss of business continuity could cost you and your business. A lot of businesses don’t ever fully recover from an attack and many go on to fail as a direct result. This can be through lack of trust from customers, loss of data required to run their business, trade secrets and customer databases being leaked or simply not being able to run your business when required.

Our teams are professional, discreet, efficient and experienced. We can work on-site or remotely to provide you with the perfect bespoke solution to your need. We offer a wide range of services from testing the physical security of your premises and data, social engineering services to extract information from your staff and negotiate our way onto site for physical access. We test remote security, on site security, your websites, applications, networks. We really do offer the full package.

Using a range of the latest technology, social engineering skills and years of experience of both security and IT knowledge we understand how to test you and your information security to it’s limit. We can even tailor make phishing scams to suit your business.

All of our work is confidential, achieved in a timely manor and provides you with both an executive overview of our findings along with a technical analysis for your IT team.

Whether you have a business with 2 employees or 2000 we can tailor a solution for you. To find out more please get in touch with us today.