January 9, 2017

Social Engineering

Social engineering seems to be the buzz word of the moment. Everyone wants a go at being one, everyone knows how to defend against one and no big secure business is vulnerable, right?

At Hexode Security Solutions we have social engineers for every situation. We have people that blend into the environment, be it a corporate look, a warehouse worker or an official looking visitor. Our team spends a lot of time in the planning phase to make sure our attack is targeted and successful for your business.

We want to be the ones who find the weaknesses in your physical security, the way your staff members act and the information they give out. We are not in the business of naming individuals you ought to sack as a result of weaknesses we find. Our job is to find flaws, highlight them to you and work with you to provide awareness training to stop these issues being something that can be used against you.

Every business is susceptible to social engineering in one way or another. Depending on budget our assignments can be conducted in an hour over the phone or over a period of months, including phone calls, physical visits, phishing emails, etc. Obviously the more prolonged the exercise the more thorough our investigations can be resulting in finding lots of weaknesses. Some businesses require this type of test due to the high security and complex nature of their business. Others merely require their call centre staff testing or front of house to check the perimeter, much more effective in a small business.

We work with you to devise a strategy, make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of what we will do during our test and then go about performing the test.